giovedì, dicembre 28, 2006

The Tiger and the Snow

"The Tiger and the Snow" a film by Roberto Benigni
is finally in theatres in USA(December 29th,2006).

I've worked on visual effects of the film... can see something in the USA trailer.
Download the USA trailer

giovedì, dicembre 14, 2006

martedì, dicembre 12, 2006

The Brain Project

I've been selected for "The Brain Project"
International Digital Visual Arts Competition

Promoted by:
Acquamarina – Associazione Culturale
Following an idea of Riccardo Baldassarri
With the support of:
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Regional Committee for Education, Culture, Sport and Peace
Credito Cooperativo del Carso

Subject matter of the 2006 edition: “Borders”

The selected works will be displayed at the Biblioteca Statale (State Library) in Trieste from 12th January to 10th February 2007 and in a virtual gallery on the competition website. They will also be published in the competition catalogue, which will be published in a limited number of copies.

lunedì, dicembre 11, 2006

XXXVII Key Award

Ubik wins the 37° Key Award for Best Visual Effects
The Commercial is Citroen C2 "Crows"
I worked on composite especially for radio display graphics
and some crows integration.

Congratulations to everybody!!!

watch 30"
watch Director's cut

venerdì, dicembre 01, 2006

"2 Worlds"

I've just finished my new illustration commissioned by a colleague of mine.
These are the work in progress images and the Final one.

martedì, ottobre 17, 2006


Issue number 2 of Impracabeza Magazine is already out.
European and latinamerican artists take place in an extraordinary cultural production beyond the literature and the fine arts.
Check out Impracabeza Magazine at

La Matrona

An OLD Character design...Pretty Woman!!!

venerdì, settembre 15, 2006

QUANTO Project---Pre-Selection

This is my pourposal selected for QUANTO Project
International Graphic Competition

The QUANTO Project Pre_Selection is online at this link:
All The Pre_Selected work

Opening exibition of the winners' works will take place in Venice
at Centro Culturale S. Leonardo
From 11 november to 1 december 2006

mercoledì, luglio 19, 2006

mercoledì, luglio 05, 2006

Good Luck!!!

In these days THE DEATHS OF IAN is being directed by Dario Piana,
from a script by Brendon Hood, with the visual and special makeup effects provided by Stan Winston Studio.
Look at this links:

Good Luck...Dario!!!


Hi Guys,
There's a competition between these two commercials. The studio where I'm working realized the "B" version.
It was a very hard work in a few time beacause it's mainly compositing, with a lot of green back,miniatures and matte paintings.
Personally i made compositing and pre-viz on's a lot of fun...And i think it looks pretty good for a week of work.
Yuo can watch the film in a higher resolution here:

and vote here:



giovedì, giugno 01, 2006

Electroblog graphic contest 2006 artwork on line

The first edition of ELECTROBLOG, Festival of electronic music and culture, sponsored by the Municipality of Trieste, will take place in Trieste on the 26 th , 27 th and 28 th of May 2006.
Here my proposal selected for graphic festival contest.
Selected Artists Artworks
Electroblog-official site

lunedì, maggio 22, 2006

mercoledì, aprile 05, 2006

David di Donatello-Nomination 2006

Ubik nomination for "David di Donatello" award (The italian Oscar)for best visual effects with "La Tigre e la neve" ("The Tiger and the snow"),the last Roberto Benigni film.
The ceremony will be in 21 April in Rome.
here the nominations list

martedì, aprile 04, 2006

XXXVI Key Award

A new Key award!!!
Animation category with PROMO SKY Sport "Gioca Sky"-45"

Client: Sky Italia
Agency: Sky Planning e promotion
Creative Director: Alessandro Vaghi
Art director: Andrea Toscano
Copywriter: Stefano De Siro
Production House: Crackartoons Studios
Executive producer: Anna Murro
Producer: Cristina Panizzuti(UBIK Visual Effects)
Director: Silvana Zancolò(Crackartoons Studios)
D.O.P.: Gabriele Diaferia(UBIK Visual Effects)
Post Production & Visual effects: UBIK Visual Effects

Personally i made graphics and compositing.

Congratulations to everyone!!!

watch "Gioca Sky"-45"

giovedì, marzo 16, 2006

Fastweb & Valentino Rossi

A new commercial for Fastweb with Valentino Rossi.
I made composite and screen graphics inserted in some shots.

This is the graphic process for create the airship sequence that after i inserted into the Television shot.

Airship reference

Graphic interpretation


mercoledì, marzo 15, 2006

Citroen C2-Deejay

It's on Air!
A new Citroen C2 commercial.
I worked on composite especially for radio display graphics and some crows integration.
It was a hard work, because of the tight deadline.
Personally i think that this is a good work.

Here the credits:

Visual FX by UBIK VFX
VFX Supervisor: Franco Valenziano
Character setup & Animations: Emanuele Pavarotti
Shading, Lighting & Fur: Giulia Lamacchia
Compositors: Gabriele Diaferia, Josè Sala
Texture Artist: Silvia Buttignon
Model: Nicola Scarpinato
Dynamics: Nicola Danese
Finaling & online: Francesco Gasparotto

Production : Filmmaster
Agency: EURO RSCG Milano
Director: Matteo Pellegrini


venerdì, febbraio 10, 2006


Added some mine images into Artdust Graphic and design forums in beta version.artdust

giovedì, febbraio 09, 2006

My Ancestor

Yesterday i found this old photo...a portrait of my ancestor that worked in cinema industry.

martedì, gennaio 31, 2006

Der Tiger und der Schnee

La Tigre e la Neve in Germany...a special projecton at Berlin film festival inside the Berlinale Special category.