giovedì, maggio 21, 2009

Finally I have a website...just a light version with my Showreel a little BIO and a link at this blog too...but for now that's good.
Take a look!

Thanks to Daniele (My web master)

martedì, maggio 19, 2009

lunedì, maggio 18, 2009

XVII Scudetto



Milano, via Savona, May 14'09, 22:00 at Maidirebar pub - the exhibition / presentation of "ARCASACRA" the first palindrome Italian comic.
Here Alex Crippa on the left (The writer),me (with my double signed "Jonah Martini copy...thanks are simply GREAT!)and Francesco(The true comics collector)on the right.
it was a beautiful evening!

mercoledì, maggio 13, 2009

Magnus a la Paz

LA PAZ in Bolivia inside the international festival of comics "Viñetas con altura" will be screened the documentary Magnus-Il Segno del Viandante. Magnus, pseudonym of Roberto Raviola, (May 30, 1939 - February 5, 1996) was a great Italian comic book artist, regarded as one of the foremost cartoonists of all time in his country. In this documentary i take care for the art direction, the composite of some fx scenes and the main and end titles.

Magnus Wikipedia
IMDB fullcredits

lunedì, maggio 11, 2009