venerdì, gennaio 15, 2010

ANCI Creative Award 2010

ANCI CREATIVE AWARD 2010 Beautifully shaped: 3D shoes!
Emerging Art Edition - Milano, March 2nd – 5th, 2010

Green light to the new edition of ANCI Creative Award, the competition that turns to creative talents from all over the world promoted by ANCI, the National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers.
This year the competition aims again at involving artists of the web world, as well as traditional ones. The thread of the competition, that is to say the 3-D aspect of footwear, has also inspired the title of the event:
Beautifully shaped: 3D shoes!

Works can be illustrations, traditional sculptures, or CG3D. The jury will select 20 works that will be printed and inserted in a breathtaking 3-D stereoscopic video. They will be showed to visitors and international press during next Micam ShoEvent (Milano, March 2nd to 5th, 2010). During the event the winner will be announced and awarded with a prize money.
The competition deadline is February 8th, 2010.
For any information visit the website

giovedì, gennaio 14, 2010

Alberto Ponticelli ART

Added in Friends category "Alberto Ponticelli" simply a great italian cartoonist that work for Dc Vertigo too.
Here the direct link at his fantastic official site
You have fun...TAKE A LOOK!
For me one of the best italian talent!

martedì, gennaio 12, 2010

inguine MAH!gazine

Gianluca Costantini ART

Added in Friends category Gianluca Costantini a very interesting italian talent artist.
He lives and works in Ravenna, Italy.
A san illustrator and cartoonist he has published his works in many Italian magazines and dailies.
I love his unique style and original highly decorative particularly for the use of lettering inside many compositions.

For more information visit his official Website: