mercoledì, dicembre 19, 2007

Jsign Contest-Photo

Times ago i won the second price at Jlab "Estro and Grafica" Contest.
They realized some stuff with my graphics printed on.

Inter vs Torino

A Sunday with Gabriele and Terry at Stadio Meazza (San Siro) in Milan.
The match was Inter vs Torino and 4-0 the result...Great!

Create your MII !!!

Visit and create your personal MII.
This is mine...ok! i make a little photoshop's funny!

martedì, novembre 27, 2007

More than one million

Time Voyagers, the first Italian HD animation stereoscopic movie on three screens for the new Cinema 4D of Gardaland.
More than one million people have already seen it.
UBIK Visual effects for this occasion issued the "making of" of the movie.
Watch the "making of" at

venerdì, novembre 23, 2007

Thriller Chiller- Award

It's arrived...and it's so beautiful!!!
The "Thriller Chiller" film Festival award for best feature...see my previous post.

lunedì, novembre 19, 2007

61°Salerno Film Festival

Another prestigious award for "The Shadow Within" at Salerno Film Festival.
The film win GRAN TROFEO GOLFO DI SALERNO “IGNAZIO ROSSI”...Congratulation for all!
For more information visit the official web site:

giovedì, novembre 08, 2007


Here my Comic Portrait made by ALESSANDRO BARONCIANI in LUCCA Comics and Games 2007(Lucca-Italy November,01-04)
Thanks to ALE!

mercoledì, novembre 07, 2007

2007-Thriller! Chiller!

I'm proud to announce that "THE SHADOW WITHIN" is the WINNER for BEST FEATURE at THRILLER! CHILLER! Film Fest.
"TSW" is a supernatural thriller about Maurice Dumont, a nine year-old who can connect with the dead.

Personally i made compositing and Title Design.
"The Shadow Within " is also the name of Production House and UBIK Vfx made Visual effects.

Congratulations to all people that worked at this project!

lunedì, ottobre 29, 2007

Sky "Music"

It's ON AIR!
A new SKY Commercial on MUSIC platform.
I made this 45" commercial ,mostly in Motion Graphic and inspired to the Justin Timberlake Videoclip "LOVESTONED" ,only in one week with Vera and Niko support(Thank you!) for some logos animation,sound-wave basic footages and 3D Particles FX.
Here some stills:

Click here to watch the spot

mercoledì, ottobre 10, 2007

venerdì, agosto 03, 2007

Graphic Contest

I win the 2nd prize at Jlab "ESTRO & GRAFICA" Contest.

I've proposed three images created entirely with numbers that rappresents some animals...the selected image is "Crocodile".

For more informations click the link at official contest site:

giovedì, agosto 02, 2007

JACOB is Here!

Today on XL magazine attached to Repubblica (the famous Italian newspaper) you can find the first comic story of Jacob...
...and online a new web site of this cool project!

Crackartoons Online!

Finally Crackartoons website is online!!!
...ok it is a work in progress.
click the link and ENJOY IT.
Crackartoons studios

lunedì, giugno 18, 2007

L'Estate Fredda

I will introduce you an horror short Movie of Claudio Tacchi a young talent director.
Click this link for Wiew the short
L'Estate Fredda

Time Voyagers-Screenshots

Here some screenshots of Piramyd Sequence.

Copyright (C) UBIK Visual Effects 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.(

giovedì, giugno 07, 2007

CYBORG FF june 2007
times 15,30 -18 / 21 - 24 free pass

Sala Audiovisivi – Anghiari (AR)
CyBorg Film Festival
competition of short films and new territories

10.06.07 times 15,30 new territories
Making of "Time Voyagers" production Gardaland, realization UBIK Visual Effects
Direct by Dario Piana, supervision to visual effects Franco Valenziano

Cyborg Film Festival Official Site

lunedì, giugno 04, 2007

Gardaland-Time Voyagers

At the end of march UBIK Vfx finished Time Voyagers, a stereoscopic sci-fi film for Gardaland(The Largest amusement Park in Italy).

Personally i made Concept Design and Compositing.
Here some early sketches:

Copyright (C) UBIK Visual Effects 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.(

Here a link to the commercial
Time Voyagers

martedì, maggio 22, 2007


24-30 MAY 2007

Start the 1 st International Film Festival dedicated to Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi films.

First film festival in the south of Italy and the only one in Puglia region dedicated to horror genre, which is getting a massive popularity. The Salento Fear Fest during the seven days shows the new tendencies about horror movies and their protagonists. The festival wants to be a guiding light to all horror movies fans in Italy and all over the world.
Santa Maria di Leuca “De Finibus Terrae” is in the deep south of Salento aerea, land of art, culture and nature, welcomes you and invites you to discover the places of this wonderful land, located in middle of Mediterranean Sea in front of the Eastern countries.

"La Radice del Male"(The Root of Evil) a Silvana Zancolò Film is in Competition
and the short film"The Shadow Within" in the Horror short-Film projection in the PROGRAM#1

For details look the official site:

giovedì, marzo 15, 2007

Marco and his ball

I suggest you a short film that Emanuele Pavarotti, a great young italian animator,made for ANIMATION MENTOR's final project(The online animation school)'s been selected to be showcased in the newsletter of's a great job... also considering that he is not a pixar's animator but in future he could be...this is my personal wish.

lunedì, febbraio 05, 2007

"The Root of Evil"

Spotlight Pictures LLC will be offering to sell the distribution rights for Silvana Zancolò's The Root of Evil (La radice del male) at this year's European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin, Germany. You can check out a HQ (29.7 MB) trailer for the film here or a LQ (8.7 MB) version of the trailer here. Below is a description for The Root of Evil and you can find the official site for the film here.

"From the new wave of young Italian horror directors comes the groundbreaking 'La radice del male' ('The Root of Evil'). The film is a decidedly Italian take on the world that exists between life and death, reality and fantasy. Already a hot topic on the Internet, 'The Root of Evil' looks to cross borders and cultures with its creepy visuals and haunting storyline. A true original that has no equal - it will leave genre fans talking for days!!!The film follows Andrea Spiegelman, a painter whose face has been tragically scarred by a terrible accident. The tragedy also made Andrea lose her memory, and she now lives her lonely life in a secluded country estate once owned by her eccentric uncle. There she discovers a vast greenhouse that was used by her uncle to cultivate strange psychoactive plants. Andrea begins to experiment with the plants, learning as she goes from her uncle's diary. The experiments with the plants set off a series of events that blur reality, lead to great torment and pleasure, and - in the end - lead Andrea to discover the brutal truth about her own life and missing memories."

Source: Twitch
Posted on Jan 27 2007 by Evil Dread

lunedì, gennaio 29, 2007


On u can find the PDF with all the entries of the STIRATO/STRANGE SKATEBOARD CONTEST!

Here my proposal.

venerdì, gennaio 19, 2007

The Brain project-Inauguration

Last week i went in Trieste for "The Brain Project" Inauguration.
Here some photos.

The selected works will be displayed at the Biblioteca Statale (State Library)
in Trieste from 12th January to 10th February 2007
For more information visit the official web site of the competition at this link: