martedì, novembre 27, 2007

More than one million

Time Voyagers, the first Italian HD animation stereoscopic movie on three screens for the new Cinema 4D of Gardaland.
More than one million people have already seen it.
UBIK Visual effects for this occasion issued the "making of" of the movie.
Watch the "making of" at

venerdì, novembre 23, 2007

Thriller Chiller- Award

It's arrived...and it's so beautiful!!!
The "Thriller Chiller" film Festival award for best feature...see my previous post.

lunedì, novembre 19, 2007

61°Salerno Film Festival

Another prestigious award for "The Shadow Within" at Salerno Film Festival.
The film win GRAN TROFEO GOLFO DI SALERNO “IGNAZIO ROSSI”...Congratulation for all!
For more information visit the official web site:

giovedì, novembre 08, 2007


Here my Comic Portrait made by ALESSANDRO BARONCIANI in LUCCA Comics and Games 2007(Lucca-Italy November,01-04)
Thanks to ALE!

mercoledì, novembre 07, 2007

2007-Thriller! Chiller!

I'm proud to announce that "THE SHADOW WITHIN" is the WINNER for BEST FEATURE at THRILLER! CHILLER! Film Fest.
"TSW" is a supernatural thriller about Maurice Dumont, a nine year-old who can connect with the dead.

Personally i made compositing and Title Design.
"The Shadow Within " is also the name of Production House and UBIK Vfx made Visual effects.

Congratulations to all people that worked at this project!