lunedì, febbraio 05, 2007

"The Root of Evil"

Spotlight Pictures LLC will be offering to sell the distribution rights for Silvana Zancolò's The Root of Evil (La radice del male) at this year's European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin, Germany. You can check out a HQ (29.7 MB) trailer for the film here or a LQ (8.7 MB) version of the trailer here. Below is a description for The Root of Evil and you can find the official site for the film here.

"From the new wave of young Italian horror directors comes the groundbreaking 'La radice del male' ('The Root of Evil'). The film is a decidedly Italian take on the world that exists between life and death, reality and fantasy. Already a hot topic on the Internet, 'The Root of Evil' looks to cross borders and cultures with its creepy visuals and haunting storyline. A true original that has no equal - it will leave genre fans talking for days!!!The film follows Andrea Spiegelman, a painter whose face has been tragically scarred by a terrible accident. The tragedy also made Andrea lose her memory, and she now lives her lonely life in a secluded country estate once owned by her eccentric uncle. There she discovers a vast greenhouse that was used by her uncle to cultivate strange psychoactive plants. Andrea begins to experiment with the plants, learning as she goes from her uncle's diary. The experiments with the plants set off a series of events that blur reality, lead to great torment and pleasure, and - in the end - lead Andrea to discover the brutal truth about her own life and missing memories."

Source: Twitch
Posted on Jan 27 2007 by Evil Dread