mercoledì, ottobre 26, 2005

lunedì, ottobre 17, 2005

La Tigre e la Neve, Alias & UBIK conference

Wednesday at 6:00 PM we will give a lecture in Milan on the vfx of La Tigre e La Neve... you're invited!

martedì, ottobre 11, 2005

Digital Helmets Contest

I attend the "Digital Helmets Contest" a competition instituted from Vemar ( in collaboration with Graphola(

venerdì, ottobre 07, 2005


Watch 30" Sofficini -Checrocchè

It's on Air!
That character named Carletto,created by the Jim Henson, is the protagonist of the last commercial for Sofficini.
Ubik Visual Effects worked on some cgi shot to reproduce the same feeling of the real puppet, shooted in the other shot on set located in Romania.
Personally I worked on compositing and graphics.

giovedì, ottobre 06, 2005

martedì, ottobre 04, 2005


The trailer of "La Tigre e la Neve",
the Roberto Benigni movie I've been working on all over this year is on poster and enjoy it!


September/October 2005
Published on Computer Graphic&Publishing magazine
Front Cover(Lineaunica) and inside interview with some illustrations of mine.