giovedì, marzo 16, 2006

Fastweb & Valentino Rossi

A new commercial for Fastweb with Valentino Rossi.
I made composite and screen graphics inserted in some shots.

This is the graphic process for create the airship sequence that after i inserted into the Television shot.

Airship reference

Graphic interpretation


mercoledì, marzo 15, 2006

Citroen C2-Deejay

It's on Air!
A new Citroen C2 commercial.
I worked on composite especially for radio display graphics and some crows integration.
It was a hard work, because of the tight deadline.
Personally i think that this is a good work.

Here the credits:

Visual FX by UBIK VFX
VFX Supervisor: Franco Valenziano
Character setup & Animations: Emanuele Pavarotti
Shading, Lighting & Fur: Giulia Lamacchia
Compositors: Gabriele Diaferia, Josè Sala
Texture Artist: Silvia Buttignon
Model: Nicola Scarpinato
Dynamics: Nicola Danese
Finaling & online: Francesco Gasparotto

Production : Filmmaster
Agency: EURO RSCG Milano
Director: Matteo Pellegrini