mercoledì, luglio 19, 2006

mercoledì, luglio 05, 2006

Good Luck!!!

In these days THE DEATHS OF IAN is being directed by Dario Piana,
from a script by Brendon Hood, with the visual and special makeup effects provided by Stan Winston Studio.
Look at this links:

Good Luck...Dario!!!


Hi Guys,
There's a competition between these two commercials. The studio where I'm working realized the "B" version.
It was a very hard work in a few time beacause it's mainly compositing, with a lot of green back,miniatures and matte paintings.
Personally i made compositing and pre-viz on's a lot of fun...And i think it looks pretty good for a week of work.
Yuo can watch the film in a higher resolution here:

and vote here: