venerdì, ottobre 07, 2005


Watch 30" Sofficini -Checrocchè

It's on Air!
That character named Carletto,created by the Jim Henson, is the protagonist of the last commercial for Sofficini.
Ubik Visual Effects worked on some cgi shot to reproduce the same feeling of the real puppet, shooted in the other shot on set located in Romania.
Personally I worked on compositing and graphics.

3 commenti:

VAMFIRE ha detto...

jeejej that picture brings weird emotions, i saw it and laughed , then saw it again and got a little scared, then again saw it and didnt understand the previous feelings

klunkete ha detto...

Hi, do you know where i can find the other spot of carletto and sofficini checrocché? the little chameleon eating the product with a demoniac laugh and after attacking the camera...very funny!

Anonimo ha detto...

+1 for the "non mangiarmi ti prego" spot!